Magic Miner GUI for BFGMiner (BFGMiner by: Luke-Jr) Bitcoin Mining Software

Magic Miner Gui Beta 0.3.0

Magic Miner GUI (Updated 6/14/2014)

Magic Miner GUI should be updated in the next 2 weeks and will start to include information to connect your miners to the “GHASH.IO”, and “BTCGUILD.COM” pools as well as the original “Eligius” and “Slush Pool”.  We will be removing all information from the GUI.  We cannot confidently refer people to that pool any more.

(Old information)

Welcome to the official project page for Magic Miner GUI.  I know it has been some time since I have done any updating to this project.  I am not going to let it die like guiminer did so we will be working on updating this very soon in the near future.

Stay tuned for updates.


PLEY Designs LLC “Bitcoin Team”


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